Thursday, 26 February 2015

OSCARS 2015: Hairstyles That Rocked The Night!

The Oscars has always been a special affair and this time around the competition was definitely fiercer. Not only in the category of the movies, performances and awards but also the for best look as well!

Actresses strived and put forward their best, however the one snatched the lights was Julianne Moore and her fancy Chignon!

Chic, Neat and Stylish.... the hairdo was just bang on!

Lily Collins sported a shoulder length bob at the Oscars 2015  Red Carpet, which looked oh-so vintage, however at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party she went a notch higher and got the Wispy Pixie Look.  

Love... Love... Love...!

Zendaya's Bohemian Long Faux Dreadlocks have been creating headlines and why wouldn't they? Not an easy look to achieve and most defnitely not everyone's cup of tea. But this lady pulled it off rather well!

Margot Robbie's Angular Blunt Cut was just the sharp edge she needed to complete her look. And yeah, she totally rocked it!

Go ahead with this look with the deep side parting like hers or center, waves or poker straight... This look can be easliy experimented with and easy to achieve too.

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