Thursday, 8 January 2015

Top 10 Alia Bhatt Hairstyles

Alia Bhatt is known to be quite the Fashionista and her Hairdos have a space of their own too! be it waves, curls, messy or tamed this diva has an array of hairstyles that top our list, at least.

Untamed Braid

No rubberband, no problem!

Alia shows you how you can tie a braid leave them without securing it with a rubberband. Voila!

Uptop Bun

The cute little Ballerina Bun placed right on top is neat and fancy.

Side Swept Waves

This super casual hairdo is the easiest one and perfect for the messy hair day too.


The half up, half down combined with the Puff is the classic evening hairdo.

Alice Band

Cuteness overload, Alia shows you how to wear the Alia Band the right way with the textured end waves.

Gajra Mode!

The typical south Indian or rather any Indian wedding, Gajra adorned on the hair is oh-so perfect!

Totally old school and cool... Alia shows you how!

Summer Pony

Out on a summer afternoon, this pony is the way to go!

Screaming out chic too..

Wispy Chignon 

Classic chignon with the wispy side parting is the apt hairdo for an evening affair or late night party too!

Wavey and Parted

This 2 States haircut has been favorite of many and of the most easiest ones to achieve. Straighten from the top, wave 'em up from below.

Undercut Braid

The undercut braid... wear it with a dress or traditionals, you can leave those tresses open, tie it in a pony or a bun, works well either way.