Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sonam Kapoor giving us Hair Goals

For a woman, hair is an important aspect that transcends her beauty and thus they pay undivided attention to it. Gone are the days when hair accessories were restricted to the good old maang tikka’s only. Hair accessories are the most trendy thing. This summer we bring to you the coolest hair accessory we have spotted - The hair bun accessory.

Sonam Kapoor wore this to an event and hell yes! she nailed it. We have compiled a couple of variations to the hair bun accessory.

Buns are by far the most comfortable hair style most girls sport more often or not. But with great comfort comes greater difficulty in maintaining it. Strands of hair either coming out or the bun becoming all loose. These problems now have a permanent solution - The very cool hair bun accessory. Buns are the best thing to a woman either relaxing at home or outside attending formal event. 

We also found some other variations to this hair bun accessory - the hair bun clip that can be worn two ways. As a Juda Pin or has Pretty Pony Tail Clip. We love how Roma Narsinghani Jewelry has upped the game for hair accessories.

A huge shout out to all the bun lovers. Let us know, so we too can drag ideas out of your feedback.

Love, DIVO Diaries

Sunday, 25 March 2018

DIY - Achieve Alia Bhatt's Beach Curl look with No Heat

Love Curls but scared of what ironing can do to your strands. Well we have a solution, achieve the curls using the headband method. Now who does not want the perfect loose beach waves look?

To start with, slightly dampen your hair.

Step 1: Put the headband on your head.

Step 2: Weave your hair over and back under the headband. Continue until you reach the nape of

your neck.

Step 3: Leave it wrapped as long as you have. The longer you leave your hair wrapped up, the curly your hair will be. Preferably, overnight.

Step 4: The next morning, unwrap your hair.

Step 5: Comb through with a brush or just run through your fingers.

Enjoy your beautiful curls!

DIVO Diaries.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

How to Clean Your Make-up Brushes

We all love our make-up brushes and exactly know how much we need them on a daily basis. However, the painful part of owning the make-up brushes is that one has to clean it regularly. We all should be aware that it is important that we clean our brushes so that we can prevent acne, maintain soft bristles, avoid germs, get longer lasting brushes and most important better colour application.
All make-up lovers know that we need to dedicate a day to clean all the mess in the brushes. We suggest that you clean the brushes at least once in month.If you're an avid user of liquid products or store them uncovered in the bathroom, we strongly recommend you to clean them more often.

The DIVO make-up brush egg is made out of silicone and has two different surfaces, smaller knobs at the top, followed by the groves. The smaller knobs are used for foam, lathering and cleaning of smaller brushes while the groves are used to agitate the bristles just enough so that they release product build up and dirt.

DIVO Make-up Brush Cleaner Egg

How to use the Brush Egg

Step 1 - First rinse the brush in warm water and than add some mild shampoo or liquid hand-wash to the BrushEgg/or the brush directly.
Step 2 - Twirl the brush around into a rich lather up on the smaller knobs.
Step 3 - Move the brush from side to side over the groves to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime.
Step 4 - Now, rinse with clean water and gently squeeze out the water with a clean towel, but be careful not to damage the bristles.
Step 5 - Any excess water can be removed by shaking the brush a couple of times.

Most people dry their brushes laying on a flat surface but that might allow water to seep in and affect the glue holding the bristles together. We suggest you hang the brushes upside down for the water to drip out, keeping the glue safe and dry.

Stay tuned for more Hair & Beauty tips. Happy Hair to us.
Divo Diaries

Monday, 12 March 2018

3 Quick & Easy Office Hairstyles

Office is a place where one needs to look neat, formal and presentable. Therefore, Divo diaries has put together 3 such hairstyles that one can do while walking out of the door or in the car and still look uber chic at work.

The Bun Look
This look can be styled down for work or up for a special events and certainly in a number of ways. Start by forming a ponytail on top of the head and wrap it around a hairband to tie a knot leaving about two inches of hair loose. One can either keep it neat by using hair pins and apply serum to the loose hair or add a little drama by keeping it loose and messy.
It can be styled as a Messy bun, braided bun, low bun along with the above mentioned high knot bun. You could vary the position according to your preferences. One can apply a little gel to give it a wet look.

The Twist & Tie
It is the simplest and most elegant hairdo one can be sport with any office attire. Comb out your hair. Take out a middle or side partition, depending on your choice. Take two sections from both side and twist them a little. Now, tie them at back together with a pin. It gives you a mixed look neither too formal nor too casual. You can add braiding for a twist.

Basic Ponytail with a twist
Everyone relies on a ponytail at one time or another. All women swear-by this hairstyle in our moments of haste and emergency or under tremendous stress and have to admit it works every time. With this easy trick you turn the basic ponytail into a fancy one. Collect your upper half of the hair into a ponytail. Use a very small elastic band to secure. Now, separate a small section of your hair from both sides. Take the right side and push through a small hole beside your ponytail on the left. Repeat this for the other side too and you're done. Your pony will look smart and voluminous for sure!


These are our top 3 hairdo's for office. Let us know which one is your favourite or if you have something else on your list.
Divo Diaries