Sunday, 25 March 2018

DIY - Achieve Alia Bhatt's Beach Curl look with No Heat

Love Curls but scared of what ironing can do to your strands. Well we have a solution, achieve the curls using the headband method. Now who does not want the perfect loose beach waves look?

To start with, slightly dampen your hair.

Step 1: Put the headband on your head.

Step 2: Weave your hair over and back under the headband. Continue until you reach the nape of

your neck.

Step 3: Leave it wrapped as long as you have. The longer you leave your hair wrapped up, the curly your hair will be. Preferably, overnight.

Step 4: The next morning, unwrap your hair.

Step 5: Comb through with a brush or just run through your fingers.

Enjoy your beautiful curls!

DIVO Diaries.

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