Sunday, 18 March 2018

How to Clean Your Make-up Brushes

We all love our make-up brushes and exactly know how much we need them on a daily basis. However, the painful part of owning the make-up brushes is that one has to clean it regularly. We all should be aware that it is important that we clean our brushes so that we can prevent acne, maintain soft bristles, avoid germs, get longer lasting brushes and most important better colour application.
All make-up lovers know that we need to dedicate a day to clean all the mess in the brushes. We suggest that you clean the brushes at least once in month.If you're an avid user of liquid products or store them uncovered in the bathroom, we strongly recommend you to clean them more often.

The DIVO make-up brush egg is made out of silicone and has two different surfaces, smaller knobs at the top, followed by the groves. The smaller knobs are used for foam, lathering and cleaning of smaller brushes while the groves are used to agitate the bristles just enough so that they release product build up and dirt.

DIVO Make-up Brush Cleaner Egg

How to use the Brush Egg

Step 1 - First rinse the brush in warm water and than add some mild shampoo or liquid hand-wash to the BrushEgg/or the brush directly.
Step 2 - Twirl the brush around into a rich lather up on the smaller knobs.
Step 3 - Move the brush from side to side over the groves to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime.
Step 4 - Now, rinse with clean water and gently squeeze out the water with a clean towel, but be careful not to damage the bristles.
Step 5 - Any excess water can be removed by shaking the brush a couple of times.

Most people dry their brushes laying on a flat surface but that might allow water to seep in and affect the glue holding the bristles together. We suggest you hang the brushes upside down for the water to drip out, keeping the glue safe and dry.

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