Friday, 11 May 2018

Hair Essentials for Vacations

As we hit the vacation season, most people plan their trip. Planning and packing for vacation can be really stressful. There’s always that one thing you miss! I’m sure we all agree to this. Summers are anyway a bit harsh to your hair so here are a few things you must carry on your trip to care for your hair.

Hair Pins & elastics

I know this is extremely basic but most of us forget carrying this as we take it for granted. Always carry extra pins and elastics as you’re bound to misplace one. You can have a lot of varieties with hair pins and elastics. You can experiment with different hairstyles and get some amazing pictures for your Instagram. We have to admit that your vacation will give you at least 3 months content for your Instagram :P

From a ponytail to side swept hair with bobby pins you can pull of any hairstyles with these.

PS - Try to keep your hair pins and elastic in a small pouch or zip lock bag to be able to find them easily.

A Comb and Hairbrush 

It’s always better to carry both a comb and hairbrush. Generally we tend to carry either or. You will need the brush to make up-dos and ponytail and a comb to detangle knots post swimming or washing your hair. We tend to carry hair dryers and straighteners which are bulky and occupy space. Let your hair also be on vacation and give it a break from the heat. Instead of dryers and straighteners we suggest you carry a comb and a hairbrush.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Along with other toiletries always carry your own shampoo and conditioner and avoid using the hotel products. Carry what suits your hair the best. The last thing you want on your trip is your hair looking frizzy or dull. Always carry your own products be it your leave in conditioner or gel. This will help to maintain your hair texture. You needn’t carry big bottles, you get travel bottles easily available in the market which you can purchase and carry it along without any difficulty.

Shower Cap

Shower cap will come very handy when you plan a mini vacation and don’t wish to wash your hair. It's small and compact and will fit in anywhere very easily. Also, when you’re hair is done and you just want a quick splash on your face the shower cap will be extremely useful. This is something we generally forget and don’t value, but trust us, this will be very handy at the trip.

Travel light and have fun! Just carry these essentials and you will be sorted :)

Let us in the comments below if you have any travel tip to share.

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