Saturday, 7 July 2018

3 Kriti Sanon Inspired Hairstyle for Your Next Outing

We at Divo are always on the look out for Fashionista's. Bollywood divas are without a doubt our favourite case study. This time we are totally in love with Kriti Sanon's gutsy hairstyle. Let us bring out the 3 most loved ones at Divo.

Looped Bun
A bun somewhere in between a regular pony and a regular bun is the looped bun. Pair it with your formals at your work makes you ready for office. Here is Kriti Sanon sporting it with so much grace and we are totally crushing on her.

Braided Pony
Even the most boring pony hairstyle can be experimented. Kriti nailed it by sporting a pony from crown to nape. Even the most boring pony looks a tear to watch on Kriti.

Messy Braid
This is for the lazy ladies out there. There is a certain lazy grace to the mess around. Loose easy and stylish is the most effective way to describe this hairstyle. We totally recommend this for your casual hang outs.

These are our favourite hairstyles from Kriti’s recent outings. Which one is yours? Do let us know!

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