Saturday, 24 February 2018

Hair Care Tips Pre-Holi

The spectacular festival of colour, Holi is in a week and all the happiness will be a quaint memory when we women get down to cleaning our scalps and the messy tangles. It's a no secret, every woman hates it. Preparing for the fun day ahead is a great way to maintain the hygiene of the scalp and reduce any damage caused.

Here are 5 tips to save you from it:

1.Oil Massage: This idea is to prevent the colours from seeping into the skin. Make sure that you apply sufficient oil. A mixture of coconut oil & Castor Oil at room temperature is just right care. This will help your scalp and hair stay nourished and save your hair from dry chemical colours and easier to wash off later. If you have dandruff, use Olive oil or Coconut Oil/Amla oil. If the scalp is dry with no dandruff, you can also opt for mustard oil. 

2. Cover Your Hair: It is must for you to cover your hair by a bandanna or a cap as the direct application of colours will affect your hair. Covering the head/hair, helps to minimise the damage. You have to remember that it is not just colours that the hair is exposed to, but also the harsh sun. 

3. Cut Off Split-ends: It is must to chop off your split hair as the split ends would damage the hair further.

4. Avoid Shampoo: You must avoid shampooing a day before playing Holi. By following this your scalp will avoid loosing the essential oils present in the hair and on the scalp. It will be a natural way to avoid hair fall.

5. A Nice Hair Style: The trick is not to leave your hair open. You can either make a bun else choose to go for the braid as keeping the hair loose might weaken your hair by soaking more colour and damaging the scalp.

While Holi looks awe-worthy in most Bollywood songs, it is not quite so in real life. playing with colours is really fun, but getting rid of it- not so much. Our next post will cover post holi care.

Divo Daries