Saturday, 23 June 2018

5 Blow Drying Mistakes

Whether you’re rushing to dry your locks or taking the time to create a sleek blow dry, we’re all prone to making a few mistakes, meaning we aren’t getting the full potential of our hair. Follow these 5 simple tips to avoid and improve your blow drying skills! 

Mistake # 1: Not using products.
Hair products are the best way to ensure your hair stays protected during styling. Not only do they protect the hair from damage but they also help to optimize the performance of hot tools, which means you get healthier hair and a better overall style. We at DIVO Diaries suggest use of gel or a hair serum before blow drying. It will provide heat protection and always guarantees a smooth, shiny finish!

Mistake # 2: Your hair's too wet.
Hair that is too wet will take forever to dry and style. If you’re planning to properly air-dry and avoid tangled hair, dab your hair with a towel for a smooth and absorbent approach, then gently squeeze out the moisture so that your hair is no longer dripping wet. We recommend drying the hair off to around 80% before using a brush to begin styling the hair.

Mistake # 3: Blow dry at one go.
Many people make the mistake of trying to dry and style large amounts of hair in one go. Take a moment to section your hair, even if you only divide your hair into two sections. You can choose ear to ear, separating the top from the bottom. This will make your hair easier to blow dry for a more even result and ensure the back and underneath is dry. Be sure every section is completely dry before moving onto the next one to protect your hair from frizz and fuzziness.

Mistake # 4: Not using the Right brush.
Using the right brush is by far the most important aspect to achieve the desired result. Use a small-medium round brush to achieve bounce and a medium-large sized round brush for smooth and sleek. Extend your arm up and out when you're drying the root area to add volume and body then let your arm fall once you've reached the ends of your hair with the brush.

DIVO Professional Thermal Brush II

Mistake # 5: You are not using the heat protector.
Using a heat protector is a must! It doesn’t matter if your hair is strong and healthy, this step you must not skip. If you use a heat protector you will achieve better results and a better-styled hair. And of course, it will protect your hair from heat damaging. Your hair will look better and keep the healthiness so think of this step as a crucial thing of blow-drying!

Let us know what you think or have something that has worked well for you. We would love to hear from you!

Stay Lovely!
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