Saturday, 30 June 2018

3 Reasons to use a Bamboo Bristle Brush

At Divo, hair is by far the most interesting and engaging conversation we have for most part of the year.

Today we are sharing with you that we expertise in, Brushes. In this post we tell you 3 advantages of a wooden bristle brush over a plastic one.

1. Reduces the Dryness:
Natural wooden bristles help to naturally condition your hair, unlike the plastic brushes that boost dryness of the scalp, resulting in an itchy scalp with heavy dandruff. A wooden comb evenly distributes your hair’s natural oils and avoiding a dry scalp.

2. Maintain the health of your hair:
Blood circulation and combing are vital to maintain a healthy hair. Wooden bristles are gentle and durable. Since they are wide, they are less likely to break the hair when combing. Therefore a joy! The more you comb, the better the circulation thus bringing lovely nutrients to the hair follicles and helping you maintain healthy locks.

3. Less Hair fall:
The right brush along with right products helps you a whole lot in low hair fall. Wooden bristles are often gentle to your hair and follicles. Therefore less tangled hair and a lot less damage to your hair and therefore less hair fall.

DIVO Asanti Cushion Brush

It’s the small things that count. Make these small changes to your daily routine and see how you are able to maintain healthy, beautiful and envious locks with minimum effort.

Love to hear if you have an interesting thought to share.

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